Level 5 Course

In order to qualify for the Professional Higher Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management, students must attempt a minimum of four modules in total and gain work experience in the same industry.

Level 6 Course

This Business Administration Level 6 qualification has been developed to enable students acquire a broad range of management skills in order to be effective middle and senior level managers.

Level 7 Course

. The objective is to develop practical and theoretical concepts relating to business management which focus on the breadth and depth of managing modern business.

Our services

It is our aim to provide outstanding customer service with greatest care, respect and effectiveness to ensure consistency and reliability in its day to day business activities, enquiries, appeals and communications.

Equal Opportunity:

We provide equality of opportunity in access to our products and services.

New centre application for recognition:

We acknowledge within same working day of receipt and provide decision within 15 working days subject to availability of necessary evidence for recognition application by centre and visit report by NQA Officers.


We work for you with you